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    3 Rooms for 125*

    3 Rooms carpet professionally steam cleaned and deodorised for $100 up to 40Sqm .

    *Condition Apply – Please be advised fees apply to cancellation made with less than 24 hours notice.

    Carpet Cleaning Specialists in Morningside

    With 23 years of experience and a focus on customer satisfaction, we go the extra mile to exceed your expectations. Sameday Carpet Cleaning Morningside is the name you can rely on for exceptional carpet cleaning services. Experience the difference in quality and professionalism with us.We are a dedicated team of professionals committed to delivering top-notch cleaning solutions. Our services are known for their promptness and efficiency, ensuring that your carpets are left looking fresh and revitalized.

    Why Is Our Carpet Cleaning Is Unique?

    Our carpet cleaning services stand out for several unique reasons:

    • Eco-Friendly Approach:

      We prioritize the use of environmentally friendly cleaning products and techniques, ensuring that your carpets are not only spotless but also safe for your family and the environment.
    Carpet Cleaning

    • Experienced Technicians:

      Our team comprises highly trained and experienced technicians who are experts in the art of carpet cleaning. They have the knowledge and skills to handle a variety of carpet types and stains effectively.
    • Latest Equipment:

      We invest in the latest and most advanced carpet cleaning equipment, which allows us to deliver superior results. Our equipment can reach deep into the carpet fibers to remove embedded dirt and grime.
    • Fast Drying Time:

      We employ techniques that promote faster drying times, so you can return to your daily routine with minimal disruption.
    • Odor Elimination:

      Our carpet cleaning process not only removes visible stains but also eliminates odors, leaving your carpets smelling fresh and clean.

    Overall, Same Day Carpet Cleaning Morningside is the best choice for your carpet cleaning needs because we provide fast, professional, affordable, and eco-friendly services with a focus on customer satisfaction.

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    We are Professional and Qualified Technicians!

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    Our Carpet Cleaning Services Includes

    Carpet Cleaning

    Carpet Repair

    Carpet Steam Cleaning

    Mattress Cleaning

    Carpet Stain Removal

    Curtain Cleaning

    Carpet Odour Removal Treatment

    Rug Cleaning

    Carpet Shampooing

    Upholstery Cleaning

    Hot Water ExtrQLDion

    Tile & Grout Cleaning

    Carpet Flea Treatment

    Carpet cleaning

    Blood Removal From Carpet

    Flood Restoration

    Process of Carpet cleaning in Morningside

    Carpet Cleaning Process

    • Initial Assessment:

      The carpet cleaning process begins with a thorough assessment of your carpets. A trained technician examines the condition of the carpets, identifies any stains or problem areas, and discusses your specific concerns or requirements.
    • Pre-Vacuuming:

      Before deep cleaning, the carpet is pre-vacuumed to remove loose dirt, dust, and debris. This initial vacuuming step ensures that the subsequent cleaning process is more effective.
    • Pre-Treatment:

      A pre-treatment solution is applied to the carpet. This solution is designed to break down and loosen dirt and stains, making them easier to remove during the cleaning process.
    • Agitation:

      Spot treating is a process that is used to treat any stubborn stains or dirt that is resistant to the shampooing process. Special cleaning solutions are applied to the affected area and allowed to sit for a few minutes before being wiped away.
    • Extracting:

      The pre-treatment solution is agitated into the carpet fibers using specialized equipment. This agitation helps dislodge dirt and stains from the carpet, enhancing the cleaning process’s effectiveness.
    • Hot Water Extraction (Steam Cleaning):

      Hot water and a cleaning solution are injected into the carpet under high pressure. Simultaneously, a powerful vacuum extracts the solution, along with dirt and contaminants.

    Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning

    Choose the best among the best at Carpet Cleaning Preston
    • Improved Air Quality: Professional carpet cleaning helps remove allergens, dust, and pollutants that can accumulate in your carpet.
    • Prolongs Carpet Life: Regular cleaning by professionals can extend the lifespan of your carpet. Removing dirt and debris prevents premature wear and tear, helping your carpet look and feel new for a longer time.
    • Effective Stain Removal: Professionals have the expertise and specialized equipment to effectively remove tough stains, such as pet stains, red wine, or coffee spills.
    • Prevents Mold and Mildew: Moisture can get trapped in carpets, providing an ideal environment for mold and mildew growth.
    • Eliminates Odors: Stubborn odors, such as pet odors or food smells, can be effectively removed through professional cleaning. This leaves your home smelling fresh and clean.
    • Customized Cleaning: Professionals tailor their cleaning approach to your carpet’s specific needs, taking into account its type, material, and condition. This ensures the most effective and safe cleaning process.

    Our Unique Selling Points

    Local Experts

    Local Experts

    24/7 Appointments

    24/7 Appointments

    Same Day Appointments

    Same Day Appointments

    High Quality Standard

    High Quality Standard

    Our Other Cleaning Services

    Carpet Repair

    Carpet Repair

    Same Day Carpet Cleaning Morningside delivers expert carpet repair services that efficiently restore carpets to their original condition. Our proficient technicians offer reliable and timely solutions to address all your carpet repair requirements.

    Mattress Cleaning

    Mattress Cleaning

    At Same Day Carpet Cleaning Morningside, you can enjoy a comprehensive and efficient mattress cleaning service that guarantees a clean and comfortable sleeping environment. Our committed team employs specialized methods to eliminate dust, allergens, and stains, fostering a healthier and rejuvenated mattress.

    Curtain Cleaning

    Curtain Cleaning

    Elevate your living space with our top-notch curtain cleaning service at Same Day Carpet Cleaning Morningside. We guarantee that your curtains will be fresh and immaculate, enhancing the overall atmosphere of your home.

    Rug Cleaning

    Rug Cleaning

    Renew the allure of your rugs with our all-encompassing rug cleaning service at Same Day Carpet Cleaning Morningside. We provide detailed attention and proficient stain removal to revive your rugs and bring back their vibrancy. Our adept experts employ specialized methods to guarantee a thorough and efficient cleaning procedure, delivering outstanding outcomes for your rugs.

    Upholstery Cleaning

    Couch/Sofa/Upholstery Cleaning

    Revitalize the comfort and look of your upholstery with our professional couch and sofa cleaning service at Same Day Carpet Cleaning Morningside. We assure a meticulous cleaning process and effective stain removal, creating a fresh and welcoming living space.

    Tile Cleaning

    Tile & Grout Cleaning

    Effective cleaning solutions that remove grime, mold, and discoloration from tiles and grout, resulting in a sparkling and sanitized surface.

    Water/Flood Restoration Services

    Water/Flood Restoration Services

    You can rely on Same Day Carpet Cleaning Morningside for effective and dependable water and flood restoration services. We guarantee a swift and efficient response to mitigate water damage to your property. Our experienced team employs cutting-edge methods and equipment to return your space to its original state, delivering prompt and expert restoration solutions.

    Carpet Cleaning

    Carpet Cleaning

    Explore high-quality carpet cleaning services at Same Day Carpet Cleaning Morningside, providing a comprehensive and efficient cleaning procedure that rejuvenates and refreshes your carpets. Our experienced experts employ advanced methods and environmentally-friendly products to ensure outstanding results and establish a healthier living space.

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    Here are 10 short post-carpet-cleaning tips

    Certainly, here are 10 short post-carpet-cleaning tips

    • Stay Off the Carpet:

      Avoid walking on the freshly cleaned carpet until it’s completely dry.
    • Ventilate the Area:

      Open windows or use fans to speed up the drying process.
    • Protect Furniture:

      Place furniture protectors or aluminum foil under furniture legs to prevent staining while the carpet dries.
    • Regular Vacuuming: Resume regular vacuuming once the carpet is dry to maintain its cleanliness.

    • Avoid Heavy Traffic:

      Minimize heavy foot traffic on the carpet for the first 24 hours after cleaning.
    • Watch for Color Transfer:

      Be cautious with wet clothing or footwear as colors can transfer to the damp carpet.

    • Maintain a “Shoes Off” Policy:

      Encourage family and guests to remove shoes before stepping on the carpet.
    • Rotate Furniture:

      Periodically move furniture to prevent uneven wear and indentation on the carpet.
    • Schedule Regular Cleanings:

      Plan for regular professional carpet cleanings to keep your carpets looking their best.
    • Blot, Don’t Rub:

      If spills occur, blot them gently with a clean cloth to avoid spreading the stain.

    Outstanding Steam Carpet Cleaning Services Offered in Morningside

    Experience the epitome of steam carpet cleaning services right here in Morningside. Our professional team is dedicated to providing nothing but excellence in our cleaning solutions, ensuring your carpets emerge spotless and rejuvenated. We understand the importance of clean and fresh carpets in your home, and we take every measure to achieve just that. With latest equipment and cutting-edge steam cleaning techniques, we go beyond the surface to eliminate dirt, stains, and allergens that have taken refuge in your carpets over time. Our thorough approach doesn’t just improve the appearance of your carpets; it also promotes a healthier and cleaner living environment for you and your family. Whether you require routine maintenance to keep your carpets in prime condition or need to tackle stubborn stains and odors, our services are tailor-made to meet your specific needs. Our skilled technicians have the expertise to assess your carpet’s condition, choosing the most effective methods to ensure optimal results. We understand that your home is your sanctuary, and your satisfaction is our top priority. We take pride in making your space a more comfortable and inviting place with our expert carpet cleaning services. From the moment we arrive, our focus is on enhancing the cleanliness, freshness, and overall ambiance of your home. We believe that a clean carpet can make a world of difference, and we’re committed to delivering exceptional results that you can see, feel, and enjoy.

    Sanitization of Carpets Conducted by Our Expert Team

    Carpet sanitization is a vital aspect of maintaining a clean and healthy living environment. Our expert team is dedicated to providing comprehensive carpet sanitization services that go beyond surface cleaning. We understand that carpets can harbor not only dirt and stains but also invisible allergens, bacteria, and germs that can impact the health of your household. Our professionals are well-equipped with the knowledge and cutting-edge equipment necessary to ensure a thorough and effective sanitization process. We use safe and eco-friendly products to eliminate harmful microorganisms that might be lurking within the carpet fibers. This not only results in a visibly cleaner carpet but also contributes to improved indoor air quality. The importance of carpet sanitization cannot be overstated, especially in homes with pets, children, or individuals with allergies. Regular sanitization not only removes potential health hazards but also extends the lifespan of your carpets, protecting your investment. When you choose our carpet sanitization services, you’re not just investing in cleanliness; you’re investing in the well-being of your loved ones and the longevity of your carpets. Our meticulous approach and attention to detail set us apart, ensuring that your carpets are not only visibly clean but also free from harmful contaminants.

    Factors Affecting Carpet Cleaning Cost

    Several factors can influence the cost of carpet cleaning services. These factors include

    • Carpet Size:

      The size of the carpeted area significantly impacts the cost. Larger areas will naturally cost more to clean than smaller ones.
    • Carpet Condition:

      The current condition of the carpet matters. Heavily soiled or stained carpets may require extra cleaning efforts and therefore, incur additional costs.
    • Cleaning Method:

      Different cleaning methods, such as steam cleaning, dry cleaning, or bonnet cleaning, have varying costs associated with them. Some methods may be more labor-intensive and, as a result, more expensive.
    • Type of Carpet:

      The material and type of carpet can affect the cost. Delicate or high-pile carpets may require more care and specialized cleaning methods, which can be pricier.
    • Stain Removal:

      The extent of stain removal required impacts the cost. Tough stains may need extra treatments and time, adding to the overall price.
    • Additional Services:

      Some companies offer extra services like deodorizing, applying carpet protectors, or addressing pet odors, which can increase the cost.

    Hot Water Extraction: Overview and Benefits

    Hot water extraction, commonly known as steam cleaning, is a highly effective and widely used method for deep cleaning carpets and upholstery. This process involves the use of hot water and a cleaning solution, which are injected deep into the carpet or fabric, and then immediately extracted along with the loosened dirt, grime, and stains. The key advantage of this method is its ability to provide a thorough and deep clean, reaching deep into the carpet fibers and removing not only surface dirt but also allergens, bacteria, and other contaminants that may be embedded in the material. One of the primary benefits of hot water extraction is its ability to eliminate stubborn stains and odors, leaving your carpets or upholstery looking and smelling fresh. It’s a recommended method for homes with pets or heavy foot traffic, as it can effectively remove pet dander, pet odors, and deeply ingrained dirt. This method also contributes to a healthier indoor environment by reducing allergens and potential irritants that can affect those with respiratory conditions or allergies. Furthermore, it can extend the lifespan of your carpets and upholstery by preventing premature wear and maintaining their appearance and texture. In summary, hot water extraction is a highly effective and versatile cleaning method with numerous benefits. It offers a deep and thorough clean, effectively removes stains and odors, promotes a healthier indoor environment, and can extend the life of your carpets and upholstery. When performed by skilled professionals, hot water extraction is a valuable service that contributes to the cleanliness, freshness, and longevity of your home’s interior.

    Types of Carpets We Clean

    We provide professional cleaning services for a wide range of carpet types. These include, but are not limited to:

    • Nylon Carpets:

      Durable and versatile, nylon carpets are common in many households.
    • Polyester Carpets:

      Known for their softness and vibrant colors, polyester carpets are a popular choice.
    • Wool Carpets:

      Natural and luxurious, wool carpets are prized for their warmth and texture.
    • Olefin Carpets (Polypropylene):

      Resistant to moisture and stains, olefin carpets are suitable for high-traffic areas.
    • Berber Carpets:

      These looped carpets are known for their durability and resistance to wear and tear.
    • Shag Carpets:

      Luxuriously soft and plush, shag carpets provide a cozy feel underfoot.

    No matter the type of carpet you have, our professional cleaning services are designed to accommodate and care for a wide variety of carpet materials and styles. Our goal is to ensure that your carpets receive the appropriate cleaning and maintenance they need to look their best and last longer.

    Morningside Carpet Cleaning Prices

    One Room $99
    Two Rooms $110
    Three Rooms $125
    Four Rooms $145
    Five Rooms $165
    * One room is 14m2 or less

    Other Prices

    • Stairs are $3.90 each, $6.90 for double width
    • Stain removal from $22 for tea/coffee, up to $60+ for tougher Stains
    • Rugs for $35 for small, up to $100+ for gaint rugs
    • Upholstery is $36 per seat space for modular, $58 for armchair or recliner

    Testimonial and Review

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What is the most important step in keeping a carpet clean? +

    A: It is essential to vacuum your carpet frequently, every day if possible. This chore doesn’t take much time but prevents the dirt and dust from getting deeper into the rug. Cleaning the carpets becomes more complex and time-consuming if you don’t vacuum regularly.

    Q: How is professional carpet cleaning done? +

    A:Rinses the carpet using hot water sprayed from a high-pressure hose attached to a truck outside your home. Vacuums the cleaning solution, water, and impurities out of the carpet and into a holding tank. Sprays a neutralizing rinse that removes residue and helps your carpets stay clean longer.

    Q: Why choose professional carpet cleaning? +

    A: Over time, dirt and debris can become embedded in the fibers of your carpets, causing them to wear out faster. Professional carpet cleaners use powerful equipment and cleaning solutions to remove these particles, ensuring that your carpets look and feel like new for longer.

    Q: Can you walk on freshly cleaned carpet? +

    A: It is recommended that you try to stay off the freshly cleaned carpets until they are dry – about 6 hours. If you must walk over your damp carpet before it is dry use extreme caution. Where you transition from carpet to another hard surface, like tile or hardwood, can be very slippery.

    Q: How long should it take to clean a carpet? +

    A: Although there is no definite answer, we estimate that professional carpet cleaning takes around 30 minutes for a room. Just keep in mind that it may take longer than this if your floors are stained or there is furniture you would like to be moved.

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